Young Leather Scientist Awards 2021

The Executive Committee of the IULTCS is pleased to announce the 2021 grants to be awarded to three young scientists, under the age of 35, for research projects in the categories: Leather Research, Machinery / Equipment and Sustainability.

International Union of Research Commission (IUR)

Statement of IUR mission

The optimum basis for a sustainable leather industry is a high performance leather article and a positive image of the leather making process. The development of a best practice technology, continuous improvement of the leather making process, and development of state-of-the-art eco-friendly chemicals are keys for success. These need to be supported by sound scientific processes and entrepreneurial innovation. It is the aim of the IUR to encourage global research projects and establish technology platforms to meet these requirements.

IUR Chairman

Dr Michael Meyer

IUR Criteria for Platform Technologies

IUR criteria for platform technologies include Research and Development projects for:

  1. New chemicals, which are safe in use and harmless to health and environment after application
  2. New process technologies, which minimize the generation of waste, by-products and pollution of waste water
  3. New process technologies, which lead to a better carbon footprint of leather (? minimize energy consumption)
  4. New engineering technologies and applications, which offer reuse or recycling options for generated process waste
  5. leather articles with a long durability, good biodegradability or new recycling options

IUR Certification Process for Leather R&D Projects - Help for project funding

In early 2010 the IUR released a certification process which would recognize legitimate R&D projects in institutes, companies and universities testifying that the proposed project would:

  1. Conform to industry approved Research Platforms,
  2. Meet minimum scientific criteria for integrity of research design,
  3. Address identified needs of the global leather industry.

It is our belief that certification from a global authenticating body such as the IUR could elevate the importance of a proposed project in an appropriation request or project funding competition, thus assisting the applicant in obtaining necessary project funding by allowing the project to get prioritized above other R&D proposals.

The IUR can ensure applicants that any identified confidential information provided for evaluation will not be disclosed and will be treated with 100% confidentiality if requested.

The intent of this process is to once again promote the use of this available instrument. Application for certification is simple and provides legitimate support from the IULTCS for leather projects.

More detailed process information and the necessary application steps are laid out in the attachments below.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly by email if there are any questions  (contact Michael Meyer)

IUR Young Leather Scientist Award - Winners

Year Nominated Research Proposal Final Report
YSLG 2020 (Basic Research) Dr. Megha Mehta Download
YLSG 2020 (Machinery) Mr. Nilay Ork Efendioglu Download
YLSG 2020 (Environmental/Sustainability) Dr. Wenkai Zhang Download
YLSG 2019 Ms. Catherine A. Maidment Download
YLSG 2019 Md. Shahruk Nur-A-Tomal Download
YLSG 2018 Mr. Yi Zhang Download Download
YLSG 2017 Mr. Santiago Ortiz-Monsalve Download Download
YLSG 2016 Md. Shahruk Nur-A-Tomal Download Download
YLSG 2015 Dr. Yunhang Zeng Download Download

Information on the approved Research Project Plan

Date Scientist Institution Country Title Email Address Research Proposal
2016 Dr. A. Gnamanani CSIR-CLRI India Leather and leather apparel DNA Barcoding: An approach to develop genetic algorithm based scanner for identification of animal origin Click here to contact Secret Review
2016 Dr. Sanjeev Gupta CLRI India Nano-Finish Formulations for High Performance Leathers Click here to contact Download
2015 Dr. Marco Nogarole Ikem Srl Italy GREEN LIFE: GREEN Leather Industry For the Environment Click here to contact Download

Global Leather R&D Organizations

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We appreciate your help with additions and corrections.

Interactive Map

Database of Leather Congresses and Regional Meetings

We appreciate your collaboration by sending us information of other events with programs.

2020 Events Location Form Program
SLTC 123rd International Conference The University of Northampton – UK Download Download


2017 Events Location Program
6th Freiberg Leather Days Oisterwijk, Netherlands Download
113th ALCA Convention Pinehurst, USA Download
XXXIV IULTCS Congress Chennai, India Download


2016 Events Location Program
5th Freiberg Leather Days Freiberg, Germany Download
112th ALCA Convention Oglebay, USA Download
XXXIV IULTCS Congress Chennai, India Download


2015 Events Location Program
4th Freiberg Leather Days Freiberg, Germany
111th ALCA Convention Pinehurst, USA Download
XXXIII IULTCS Congress Novo Hamburgo, Brazil Download


2014 Events Location Program
3rd Freiberg Leather Days Freiberg, Germany
AICLST Okayama, Japan Download
110th ALCA Convention Saratoga Springs, USA Download


2013 Events Location Program
2nd Freiberg Leather Days Freiberg, Germany
XXXII IULTCS Congress Istanbul, Turkey Download
109th ALCA Convention Pinehurst, USA Download