IULTCS Merit Award

The IULTCS Merit Award For Excellence In The Leather Industry


The preamble to the Statutes of the IULTCS state that the Society was founded for the purpose of encouraging the technology, chemistry and science of leather on a worldwide basis. It is appropriate that we recognise the achievements of those of stature in our industry who have contributed significantly to our global understanding ofthe leather industry and its by-products and those who have excelled in promoting the aims and objectives of oursociety. The IULTCS Merit Award is given biennially by the IULTCS Executive to an individual, whose past or current endeavours have had an extraordinary impact on our industry and provide an example for others to follow.

The Award

The recipient of the “IULTCS Merit Award for Excellence in the Leather Industry” will receive a custom plaquesignifying recognition by the IULTCS. Along with the award, the recipient may also be granted an allowancetowards travel. The maximum amount paid by the IULTCS should not exceed US $1200. The intent of thismonetary amount is to help defray expenses towards attendance at the IULTCS Congress where the recipient willbe honoured by the Union.

Qualifications for Selection

Selection of the recipient is at the sole discretion of the IULTCS Executive Committee.

Examples of efforts that are worthy of recognition include:

  • Published research that results in significant new technologies
  • Publications that contribute significantly towards our understanding of leather and its by-products – e.g. books, review articles
  • Significant contribution towards the development, writing, and organisation of industry test methods or specifications.
  • Achieving a level of peer recognition through his or her activities in industry trade organisations, industry associations, publications in trade journals, industry presentations or discussions.
  • Practical achievements that lead to successful developments in leather processing technology.

It is expected that the recipient will be an active or recently retired member of a leather technical association thatis a paid-up member of the IULTCS.


Twelve months before an award is to be made the IULTCS Secretary will inform Executive Committee membersand request nominations of potential candidates. IULTCS Members and Associate Members will then be given 4 months to make proposals. All submissions should be in writing and are to include a CV on the individual candidate along with an explanation of why they should be considered. The Executive Committee may request more information on submissions. Executive Committee members reserve the right to enter additional nominations. These latter nominations will also require written submissions. It is not a requirement that the award be made every second year.

Announcement of the Award

The Executive Committee will make its selection by normal vote and will announce its decision to the Members andon its website at least 6 months prior to the next IULTCS Congress. This award was first established at the 2005 IULTCS Congress in Florence, Italy. The first IULTCS Merit Award was made at the 2007 IULTCS Congress in Washington.

Roll of Honour – IULTCS Merit Award


Jakov Buljan, UNIDO


Professor Dr Mariliz Guterres, Brazil


    Professor Dr Bi Shi, China


      Dr Eleanor M. Brown, USA


        Professor Dr Günter Reich, Germany


          Antoni Ylla-Catalá, Spain


            Professor Anthony D. Covington, UK


            Dr Robert L. Sykes, UK