IUC-IUF-IUP Leather Test Methods Commissions

Leather Test Methods Commissions (IUC-IUF-IUP)

IUC-IUF-IUP Commissions

The IUC (Chemical test Methods), IUF (Fastness test methods) and IUP (Physical test methods) are Commissions of the IULTCS that have the responsibility to prepare leather test methods as joint IULTCS and ISO Standards.

Under a special arrangement with ISO, the IULTCS is responsible for developing the leather test methods for publication as ISO Standards.

The IULTCS Commissions hold technical meetings together with the corresponding European CEN/TC 289 Working Groups to prepare new leather test methods and to revise existing leather test methods. Those interested in participating in the development of leather test methods are encouraged to join the regular online technical meetings.

IULTCS Secretary

Dr Campbell Page