Membership Benefits

“The IULTCS is founded for the purpose of encouraging the technology, chemistry, and science of leather on a worldwide basis.” …

From Article 1 of IULTCS Statutes

Aims, Objectives, and Activities of the Union

Maintains regular contact with professional leather societies around the world, and facilitates cooperation between leather organizations.

Holds Congresses and conferences that support professional presentation of research and interchange of knowledge on leather.

Operates various commissions that develop standard test methods specific for leather.

Promotes the correct use of test methods and supports international adoption of the standard methods. Operates Internat

Operates International commissions that study common and special problems relating to environmentally sound leather manufacture.

Facilitates International communication on resources and topics for research and training that are important for the industry’s future.

Offers a politically neutral platform for interested parties to participate in positive communication on issues and towards developing a constructive market strategy for the industry.

Membership of the Union

Comprised of more than 20 country member associations that are leaders in leather manufacture.

Represents approximately 3 000 individual leather professionals.

Membership is of benefit to individuals who want to

Establish professional links in the global industry through individual contacts and friendships.

Increase professional satisfaction through voluntary industry service.

Contribute towards the establishment and maintenance of sensible leather test methods.

Increase their influence on the direction and evolution of leather science and processing technology.

Develop and grow to higher levels of personal and professional excellence.

Contribute towards the maintenance of the brand and value of leather as a unique and aesthetically pleasing structural material in the global industry in which they make their living.

Your continued individual involvement and the contributions of your local society are important to keep the global IULTCS organization effective in its role of supporting the leather industry worldwide!