News Release from the IULTCS

The IULTCS officers are very happy to announce the appointment of four new Commission Chairs.

Each Chair was selected due to their dedication, leadership, and vision for the IULTCS organization, these attributes stood out during the election process, and the officers are confident that each one will excel in their new role.

As Commission Chairs, they will play a crucial part in shaping the future initiatives, fostering collaborations, and driving positive change for IULTCS. The officers and  IULTCS members look forward to working closely with the new Commission Chairs to help achieve our shared goals.

The new IUC (Chemicals) Commission Chair is Tiziana Gambicorti.

Tiziana works as the Standardisation and Sustainability Manager at Biokimica SpA – Italy. In the roles she is responsible for the chemical analysis laboratory and project leader for “Measuring sustainability” of the company’s products, to improve environmental performance.

Tiziana Gambicorti

The new IUE (Environmental) Commission Chair is Daniele Bacchi.

Daniele is the Environmental Division Manager at ITALPROGETTI. He is responsible for the company’s general plant design, supervision of equipment construction, installation and startup projects, coordination of commercial activities and research and development.

Daniele Bacchi

The new IUS (Sustainability) Commission Chair is Kim A. de Sena.

Kim is the Sustainability Director for JBS SA. He is responsible for the sustainability department of the company’s Leather Business Division. Among the main activities are the strategic planning, management of Life Cycle Assessments of materials, traceability and chain transparency projects.

Kim A. de Sena

The new IUR (Research) Commission Chair is Dr. Volker Rabe.

Dr. Volker is the head of wet end research and development for TFL Deutschland GmbH, in Leverkusen, Germany.

Dr. Volker Rabe