Message from the President and Officers January 2024

Dear IULTCS members and associates,

126 years of cooperation and exchange of knowledge for the development of the tanning industry are supporting the fundamental principles of the IULTCS. The Officers of the Union for the period 2024-2025 are proud of this fruitful history that has undoubtedly helped the generation of modern technologies of the leather manufacturing and the development of chemical, physical and fatness test methods. The capabilities of the Union have been always aligned with the high demands on leather quality requirements and within the frame of sustainable and environmentally friendly processes. Leather is made by nature and its incomparable structure of collagen fibers conferring exceptional properties cannot be replicated.

With the focus on the XXXVIII IULTCS Congress to be held in September 2025 in Lyon, France, the purposes of the Union for the next two years are:

  • Statues and Internal Regulations review and update: ensuring that the governing documents align with the need of the Union.
  • Empowering the role of the IULTCS Commissions: to boost the effectiveness of our existing commissions and to explore the establishment of a new commission for sustainability to address the emerging challenges and to drive positive change within the industry:
    • Communicating leather as an irreplaceable material: pushing back against the falsehoods widely shared on social media, with facts and scientific arguments.
    • Global collaboration for Research and Innovation between international research institutions and industry partners to promote continuous innovation in leather technology and measurable impact in processing.
    • Education and skill development within the leather sector. Support programs that enhance the knowledge and capabilities of professionals, ensuring a skilled workforce for the future.
    • Youth Engagement and Mentorship: cultivating the next generation of leather scientists and professionals by promoting youth engagement initiatives such as the YLSG. Collaboration between our experienced members and the emerging talent to ensure as seamless a transfer of knowledge as possible.
    • Environmental stewardship and responsible practices along the leather value chain.


The accomplishment of these commitments could not be possible without the excellent work and dedication our the past IULTCS President, Mr. Jean-Pierre Gualino, during the last two years. The Union recognizes and appreciates his exemplar contribution, that will continue with his support for the organization of the Congress in Lyon.

We take this opportunity to wish all the members of the Leather Chemists and Technologists Associations around the world, a very Happy, Peacefull and Successful 2024!

The IULTCS Officers:

Dr. Joan Carles Castell – President

Geoff Holmes – Vice President

Mr. Jean-Pierre Gualino – Past President

Dr. Luis Zugno – Secretary and Past President