IULTCS-IUT Continuing Professional Development Programme

About Continuing Professional Development (CPD) 

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a means by which individuals maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge and skills and develop the personal qualities required in their professional lives for the benefit of their industry as a whole.


The IUT Committee, with the approval of the IULTCS Executive Committee, and in accordance with the aims and objectives of the Union, supports and endorses the voluntary, periodic certification of individuals as Leather Professionals who actively improve their skills and knowledge.

It is in the leather industry’s best interest that professionals maintain and develop their professional knowledge and skills throughout their working life. The IULTCS-IUT CPD certificate will assist and encourage professional members to maintain and improve their level of competence in arenas of leather manufacture. Certification requires demonstration of continuous professional development over a four year period in one or more of six categories, and is valid for four years. Recertification is then required to prove continued professional growth. Certification is achieved by complying with the pre-determined requirements outlined in the most recent version of these guidelines.

The IULTCS-IUT CPD Certificate ensures that the holder is committed to the continuous development of themselves, their career, knowledge base, and the leather industry. This programme is designed to:

  • recognise individual professional excellence and improvement in the award of criteria points
  • encourage all individuals, irrespective of their current level of professional position, to continually develop their skills and knowledge by having a wide range of activities contribute towards certification
  • support willing professional development and voluntary contribution to the advance of science in the leather industry


To be eligible for the IULTCS-IUT CPD Programme and certification as an IULTCS-IUT Leather Professional, the applicant must be a registered Member of one of the IULTCS Member or Associated Member Societies.

How to Apply

  1. Download a copy of the latest IUT CPD Handbook and Application Pack from www.iultcs.org
  2. Complete the forms in the IULTCS-IUT CPD Application Pack.
  3. Submit the completed Application Pack and associated documentation to the relevant Member or Associated Member Society for review and assessment. Your Member or Associated Member Society will verify your Activities with the assistance of the IUT Commission Chair.
    If you are having problems with the submission of your Application, please submit the completed Application Pack, including electronic copies of all documentation to: our Leather Proffessional
    The Application will be forwarded to the relevant Member or Associated Member Society on your behalf.
  4. When your application is ready for submission to the IUT Chair, the relevant fee (paper or parchment) must be paid to the IULTCS secretary.
  5. Certificates for successful applicants will be dispatched directly to the Applicant, however, arrangements can be made for the certificate to be presented at a relevant (IULTCS) national, regional or international gathering.

The development of the Continuing Professional Development Programme criteria, administration of the certification review, approval of applicants, and distribution of awards is managed by the IUT Commission.

IULTCS President

Dr. Luis Zugno