Incoming President’s Message

Welcome to the new decade!

Now is the time to explore new prospects as the leather industry faces disruptive changes in demand and challenges to its identity and image in the marketplace. The IULTCS – as the legitimate global representative for science and technology of leather making – has the responsibility to uplift, motivate and guide the leather makers in their transformation of a by-product (today even a waste) from the food industry into the durable, useful and beautiful material we call leather. One of the IULTCS’s great tasks is to use science and facts to combat the wrong, incomplete and misleading information about our industry and about products made from leather.

With a broader view, now is the time to leave egos aside and have all the leather related organizations working together. It is time to break barriers and erase boundaries and act for the best interests of all in the industry. This is not a choice and the IULTCS is prepared to make its proper contribution.

At the IULTCS we need inspiration and perspiration. We encourage participation and contributions from all IULTCS members in all activities – particularly in the important commissions of Education, Environmental, Liaison, Research, and Testing. Of course, we also encourage larger participation in our national associations; these organizations are critical to build the strength needed for new regional and global opportunities.

Preceding generations have blessed us with their knowledge and traditions, the leather industry has granted us a profession and a livelihood, and now we have the obligation to pass on our knowledge and experiences to motivate the next generation of leathermakers and to create a future for them.

Thank you for the continued support for the IULTCS.

Keep tanning!

IULTCS President

Dr. Luis Zugno

January 2020