IUT Training and Education Commission

International Union of Training Commission (IUT)

The IUT Commission has the following roles:

Establishing a framework for global leather education/training facilities;
Identifying global education/training facilities for the leather industry;
Identifying and “validate” a continuing professional development (CPD) programme for leather industry people.

IUT Chairman

Ivan Kral

IUT Certified Leather Professionals

Certificate Number IULTCS-IUT Certified Leather Professionals

001 Elton Hurlow (2011-2014)
002 Richard Daniels (2011-2014)
003 Jeffry Guthrie-Strachan (2011-2014)
004 Paula Antunes (2011-2014)
005 Tony Covington (2011-2014)
006 Anne Lama (2011-2014)
007 Patricia Casey (2011-2014)
008 Mauro Magnaguagno (2011-2014)
009 Stephen Trantum (2011-2014)
010 Dr Bi Shi (2011-2014)
011 Campbell Page (2011-2014)
012 Karen Vidler (2012-2015)
013 Hiralal Paul (2012-2015)
014 Eric Poles (2012-2015)
015 Richard C H Pai (2012-2015)
016 George C F Huang (2012-2015)
017 Mark Gilmour (2013-2016)
018 Stuart Young (2013-2016)

019 Hu Chenpeng (2013-2016)
020 Kyungsoo Lee (2013-2016)
021 Filippo Peroni (2013-2016)
022 Norbert Lukasz Niedzwiedz (2013-2016)
023 Allison Cowee (2013-2016)
024 Adrian Ernest Leja (2014-2017)
025 Addis Duki (2014-2017)
026 Karl.B. Flowers (2014-2017)

New Website!

Welcome to our modern website that has been optimized for mobile devices and will give you a great experience. We thank Dr. Patricia Casey, Julian Osgood and ATC (thank you Jean-Pierre) for the support on the website design. Patricia and Julian will continue to update...

Incoming President’s Message

Welcome to the new decade! Now is the time to explore new prospects as the leather industry faces disruptive changes in demand and challenges to its identity and image in the marketplace. The IULTCS - as the legitimate global representative for science and technology...

Young Leather Scientist Awards 2021

The Executive Committee of the IULTCS is pleased to announce the 2021 grants to be awarded to three young scientists, under the age of 35, for research projects in the categories: Leather Research, Machinery / Equipment and Sustainability. International Union of...

New Members

IULTCS welcomes UNIDO-Leather Panel and Leather Naturally as new Observer Members. We will work closely with the members to promote Education and Training. IULTCS will be the Scientific arm of Leather Naturally.

IULTCS Merit Award

The IULTCS Merit Award For Excellence In The Leather IndustryBackground The preamble to the Statutes of the IULTCS state that the Society was founded for the purpose of encouraging the technology, chemistry and science of leather on a worldwide basis. It is...